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In the "Belice" Valley, the Nocellara olive trees grow up in the shade of the ancient Temples of Selinunte from the 5th century B. C..
The red ground, the sea smell and the Mediterranean climates exalt the precious features of "Nocellara del Belice" olives. They have spherical shape, middle-sized, fleshy and crisp pulp (which easily comes off the olive stone) and green color which becomes reddish because of ripening.
The harvesting is handmade for preserving olives integrity. After the harvesting, the olives are selected according to their size and they are worked with different working systems, so to lose their original bitter taste and obtain full and fruits one.
According to "Belice" Valley's vocation for olives cultivation it was instituted the community mark "Nocellara del Belice D. O. P." (Reg. Ce n° 134/98 of 21 Jan. 1998), limiting the production area to "Campobello di Mazara", "Castelvetrano" and "Partanna".

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