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Cusà olives take their roots from the experience of over 50 years of the Pisciotta family who personally manages the cultivation, transformation and packaging of D.O.P. Nocellara del Belice olives certified (Protected Designation of Origin) with passion, dedication and with particular attention to the territory, quality and customer needs.
The strength of our company is the ability to offer a high quality product with extreme flexibility, a handmade product, a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, intended for gourmets and already appreciated even in the most distant markets.

Quality and love in our products

Production Processing and Conservation of olives

The Pro Agri farm has been dealing with the processing and conservation of the Olives of the Belìce since 1982. our mission has always been to satisfy the palates of all those who are not satisfied with the standards, bringing the right balance between quality, tradition, innovation and nature on their tables, pursuing the dream of making Nocellara del Belice D.O.P. olives become the world icon of the passion, the land and the sun of Sicily.

The passion for the cultivation of Nocellara del Belice olives has been handed down for three generations and the experience gained together with the valuable contribution of our collaborators has allowed us to grow along a path of innovation and quality research, allowing us to expand in the national and international market. .

Over the years we have specialized in the production, processing and packaging of Nocellara del Belice D.O.P olives with about 30 hectares of olive groves and a structure equipped with high-tech packaging systems that covers an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters.

The Gold of the Belìce Valley

The harvest is done strictly by hand to preserve its integrity. After the harvest, the olives are selected according to their size and subjected to different tanning treatments so that they lose their original bitter taste and acquire a full and fruity taste.
As proof of the olive-growing vocation of the Valle del Belice, the D.O.P. Nocellara del Belice (Reg. Ce n ° 134/98 of 21.01.98), circumscribing the production area to the municipalities of Campobello di Mazara, Castelvetrano and Partanna.

The queen olive: The nocellara of Belice

In the Belice valley, the Nocellara olive trees grow in the shade of the ancient Temples of Selinunte since the 5th century BC.
The red earth, the scent of the sea and the Mediterranean climate create microenvironmental conditions that enhance the precious characteristics of the Nocellara del Belice olives. Spherical in shape, they have medium size, fleshy and crunchy pulp, which easily detaches from the core, and green color tending to reddish, as full maturity approaches





With sealed or non-sealed envelopes, intended primarily for gastronomy, catering and catering, or for consumers.



The new practical plastic packaging in which we find olives both seasoned (in a protective atmosphere) and in brine.


Glass Jars

Practical and elegant; the transparency of the glass bares the product, visually teasing the consumer.



Ideal for foreign trade and catering, it best meets the needs of a product with extended shell-life

Tasty from Nature!


And you? What Olive Are You?

Pro Agricola Pisciotta: pearls of tastyness that you cannot resist